Garrison Marina Up And Running

Warm weather is here…ready to hit the water? It’s a summer pastime of many North Dakotans…loading up the family on the boat…and for many, that takes them to Sakakawea country near Garrison. If you are on the big water…there is a new attraction that you might want to take a look at. The new Garrison Marina is up and running now. Boats are starting to take their places in the multi-million dollar, man-made boat home. Carey Gieser runs the new restaurant that sits on the banks of the marina. He says the docks have filled quickly. (Carey Gieser – Garrison Marina Restaurant) “The slips are full, I have got 58 slips rented out. All the boats are not out but they will be in the next couple of weeks. It is going to become a very popular destination.” This new marina was built to be operational during times of low water on Lake Sakakawea. In fact should the lake drop to an all time low, it would still have water for boats.



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