Garrett Weber-Gale

We talk to Garrett Weber-Gale about the 2012 olympics, and whether or not he is planning to swim. Garrett battles high blood pressure and is careful about what he eats, which is one reason he co-founded www.AthleticFoodie.com
>> welcome back to the morning blend. >> flash back, 2008 olympics in beijing. who can forget the relay race where an american swimmer came from behind to beat the french, grab the gold. this picture of garrett weber-gale. >> awesome. >> such a great shot. >> garrett was raised in fox point, went to nicolet high school. when he’s not in the pool, guess where you’ll find him. >> in the kitchen, of course. he has a passion for cooking, so he’s here to give us an update. >> do you love looking at this picture, too. >> i try not to. you always want to be looking forward, how you can get better. this summer is going to be a huge summer, so i’m really excited about that. i have to keep working hard. >> let’s talk about what’s going on this summer. >> the trial are in omaha, northbound, — nebraska in june. you have to qualify for the olympics. we’re working super hard. >> why omaha? what’s up



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