Garlic Ice Cream

As you may know you’ll have the opportunity to try all sorts of garlic recipes tomorrow at the Minot Auditorium during the second annual Garlic and Grape Festival. Vendors will be selling things like spaghetti with garliic toast and tossed salads with Italian dressing… but what about dessert? As promised Debbie Kuehn found a dessert with garlic in it…garlic ice cream! (Debbie Kuehn, KX News) I know, I thought the same thing. But then I pondered it for a bit and thought…they put the lime in the coconut and that was okay, chocolate and peanut butter was a big hit…so maybe garlic and ice cream won’t be so bad. We came here to Cold Stone Creamery to find out. (Debbie) Hi, what flavors do you have? (Rhett Benning, Owner Cold Stone Creamery) We have coffee, cotton candy, blueberry muffin batter, tart and tangy yogurt, cookie batter, some sweet cream, cheese cake. (Debbie) No garlic? (Rhett) No garlic. (Debbie) Could you make a batch of garlic? (Rhett) I don’t think so. Nonetheless, the Magic City Lions decided to give it a try. (Josh Ressler, Magic City Lions) Probably not the greatest combination not like chocolate and ice cream, but if you have a garlic festival, you have to have garlic ice cream. Truth be told, it tastes a lot like vanilla ice cream with a garlic aftertaste. Not bad but… (What makes you think you’ve got it right now?) (Josh) I’ve got superior taste buds! You can taste the vanilla with a hint of garlic…not overbearing. It’s definitely something you’ve got to try. Anyway, it’s for a good cause. (Josh) The money we raise through the garlic festival is split betwen the clubs and goes to local charities. It’s a great time…lots of entertainment…different bands play throughout the day..should be a lot of fun. (Debbie) How about brussel sprout? Debbie Kuehn KX News.



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