Gadgets For Your Kitchen

The Greendale Kitchen Gadget Center offers a wide array of utensils and supplies for your kitchen.
best since sliced bread. >> absolutely. >> convenience is the name of the game when iomes t preparing a meal,ee meals a day. everybody likes the cvenience and especially around the holida doing other things. any invention getting a yummy meal on the table faster is all right in my book and i know it will bin yours, too. >> joining us is sandy bloom in theitchen gadget center in the wisconsinhop in the heart of greendale and ter looking at things on the table says a spot pele want to visit. >> welcome. >> thank you for being here? >> you have so much fun stuff and things to make gat stkinghovers and thingto be wrapped andut underhe tree. >> absolutely. we he gadgets in every price nge and all are developed and purchased to make kitchen tasks much more easier and fun as well. >> i like that. >> this is cool. this i the thing my mom and i love doing goi to kitchen gadget stores. when someon



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