Gabby Gourmet’s Favorites Of 2010

Five of Pat Miller’s Favorite Denver restaurants for 2010.
welcome back.. i’m here with pat miller the gabby gourmet. today we are going to take a look at your favorite restaurants of the year.. >>: these are favorite restaurants with a different font thinks not necessarily the fanciest we are atroot down- 1600 west 33rd avenue, denver a favorite of mine here he has beaks with the best soup everett is the carrot carrot soup i put this as best suit ever >>: how about banas with carlson and >>: shalls and sauce is a great bar were led to start with salmon with mushrooms and salad this is butternut squash and in front there is a pork chop. with macaroni and cheese. then we have screens on th avenue they are doing some great this is today we are showing off details a cabbage. the beet salad with greens and cheese and in the very friend is the tagus >>: madison street is a diner is a great place to stop in this is to tuna salad. this is the grilled s



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