G.I. & J Produce

Bin 100 cooks with some fresh produce from Ben 100.
when that is combined with gi&j, you can’t at it. here to prove it, chef ethan, thanks for beiksng here. >> thank you for havingo us. >> you brought simple ssidel dishes that aredi perfectp for holiday entertaining, right? >> yes. everyone is woyorksing long hours these days and ita is importantim for thanksgivinfog forsg families to come together and come up wcithup simple seasonal side dishes that doesn’t put n’you in the kitchen c for hours and hoursh and it is not th at difficult toat do. >> you will show alls yhouw couplec of them. what are we start ing with? i this bacon smels so goodso. this is not strips s of bacon, this is slaps of bacon? >> i ad a little but ther into it. >> sure , add butter to the bacon. >> why not. >> make it evene better,tr right? >> and get a nice flavor going into the butter. >> th at’s ben coonking up. >> holiday times,t there is no diet really going



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