Funky Monkey

you just have to swallow a bunch of stuff together
you just have to swallow a bunch of stuff together. >> so we’re making the bana pudding. >> that’s right. >> here’s what you do. the first thing that you’ll want to do is to mix up some cream cheese. >> okay. room temperature out there. can’t go wrong with the cream seize. and some sweetened condensed milk. why don’t you get that one open for me. and i’ll open up this cream cheese. and basically, this is like, i feel like an idiot right now. because i have not used a regular one in a while. >> hey, we’ll switch. >> okay. very scientific for me. >> okay. now, we’re going to open this up and mix these two. and we’re really going to get it going. >> is it opening? >> it is opening. is >> one of the ones without the top secret edge. >> so we’re going to throw these two in the bulls together. >> okay. >> and get it going. and i’m going to get that spoon to dig out all the good stuff because y



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