Fudgy Peanut Butter Balls

We’re creating three tasty treats using Girl Scout Cookies and the recipes from Troop 362 and Troop 587.
back to the kitchen, where vincetc is making more girl scout cookie dessert. . what’s happening iwhn there? >> i’m in>> here in “the rhodehe show” kitchen and i’m here with the girl scouts again with a different batch. give me your name. >> i’m tia. >> and where are youhe from?ro >> bellingham.>> >> tell me the name of your troop. >> 587. >> and another 587 and your name. .>> sabrina.ab >> what are we going to make this time ladies. >> we’re going to g make peanut butter patie fudge balls. >> sounds great. .let’s get started. what do i need to do. >> we have to process our peanut butter pattiess into smalltoll chunks, we need to combine the butter and the peanut butter pa patties. >> take this out, throw it in a a bowl. wli can take that out. not a big deal. i’m a professional. all right. ri some butter. >> yep. >> you can’t go wrong with butter . >> ok. >> now what else? >> we mix them.



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