Frutti Di Mare Al Fresco

We’re cooking Frutti Di Mare Al Fresco with Chef John Granata of Camille’s.
dressed as an astronaut. na let’s head into theo kitchen. the e three stooges. >> joe zito and john granata, need no introduction. fashion week. >> i am always styling, maybe i could give you a few lessons. i have the boat sneakers on and the jacket. >> you have the sneakers on? put them up on the stoheve. put them up here. >> are you y kidding, he’ll break his leg. >> are you kidding, not atot my age. >> i see a lot of seafood andnd a lot of tomatoes and calamari. >> we have a fruit ade mari seafood salad. and bruschetta bread. ad and you want the best quality seafood for this dish. being in rhode island, we have the best seafood and we have calamari, which, we don’t want to say where it was purchased, but — >> before the oil.thl. >> and we have lobster. >> allll right. boys. do some stretching. tr i’m going to have you put the leg up on the stove if a little while. more from thesees g



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