Frutti Di Mare

We’re cooking Frutti Di Mare with Timmy‚Äôs One Bay Ave Restaurant & Landing.
lily, what’s going on in there? >> mr. swkrao: i’ll tello: you what. clear career. >> i’ll tell >> i’ll tell you what. we’re making thisin recipe that is so chokeful.l. >> we’re going to be m taking two versions today, we’re goingwe to do the red and white, both are linguine or of what are you like. we’re going to have mussels, crabs, lobsters,te bay b scallops and the red or white, mayor nair ra, garlic butter,er seasoning. >> is there anything that’s not otin this dish? >> no,>> no, no. >> it’ s all there.s >> it’s all there. >> it’s all at time’s on o the bayy and — timmy’s on the bay and ef dan is going to show us how to put it together. what’s your exact ltocation. n. >> 1 bay avenue in warwick. >> you can pull your boat rightbo r up to it. >> we have dock and dihane. so come on in forso lunch, bring the boat, some in, have something to eat, go back g on the boat, go fishing. >> ju



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