Fruit Pizza – Mass Appeal

If you are hosting or attending a labor day party, and want to bring a delicious dessert, then we will show you the perfect recipe!
Appeal.” Well, sadly, summer is coming to an end but there is always something to look forward to.nnApple cider, haunted hay rides and labor day. That’s coming up this weekend.nnIf you are hosting or attending a labor day party and want to bring a dessert, we’ll show you the perfect recipe. Brenda fortin is here to show us how to make fruit pizza.nnFruit pizza?nnIt’s delicious.nnBut we didn’t get to try this delicious asian chicken salad.nnI wanted to.nnWe’re going to dig in. Brenda, this smells amazing.nnThank you. And i have some rice noodles, too, nice and crispy to go on top. A nice little crunch.nnLet’s try it from before.nnHow is that? Is it bursting with flavor?nnIt’s good. Very good.nnAmazing. Okay. I’ll try mine. I’m actually pretty excited about the fruit pizza. We’ll dig into that after. Let’s move on to our delicious dessert. Look at how beautiful.nnThanks.nnI can’t believe t



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