Fruit Gingerbread

Chef Erinc from The Marriott in Newport joins The Rhode Show to show viewers how to bake Fruit Gingerbread.
f now, we’ll head into the kitchen. he pat trek what is goingha on? >> we’re making a nice breakfast food, i suppose. i guess it’s an any time kindin of food. chef eric from the marriott newport. there’s a fancy name to this. but it’s basically a fruity bread. >> fruit ginger bread house. the fruit ginger bread back fromad the colonial times, so basically it’s butter, sugar, molasses, m ginger, spice, flour, a little bit of milk, some s baking soda and any kind of dried fruit, which somewhere a lot of the sugar would come from, the sugar was so expensive back then, so what we have here isit shall cure ran ts and — what we havet here is currants raisins, bake it and eat it. we have the eggs, honeys, from the island. for the sauce, we’re using distilling right on stthe island in newport. >> really? >> absolutely. >> i did not know that. >> you have to have rum from newport. start the day



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