Fruit Fillo Custard Cups

Author Kim Bensen shows us how to make a healthy and light dessert to help keep off the pounds.
>> our next guest is an inspiration anyone who has ever battled with his or her weight. kim bensen lost over 200-pounds but it is what she learned during that changet that amazed her and she wrotesh a bok caled “finally thin”. skim in the kitchen to share her weight loss secrets and sew us desserts that won’t pack on the pound: nice to see you. >> thank you . you like to eat? >> i love to eat. i can do 10-pounds like in — by the end of the week i could be up 10-pound0s. >> you can sno rt 10-pound0s, i can too. this is a greisat way to eat in volume with less fat and calories and for anyone struggling with their weight that is what it is all about, we don’t wantnt to feel deprived you. >> this battle , multiplue diet programs. >> did hypnosis, i don’t usu’al tell people that, it was aa long time ago and didn’t work for me. i did a fast, a few-month fast, weight watchers, jenny craig, the



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