From Vitamin D To Calcium To Protein To Fiber…

We’ve all given excuses before- “My kids come first,” “I always just have to eat what is convenient,” “I do not have time to plan meals”- but Moms, it’s time to realize that unless you take care of yourself, you won’t be able to put all you have into being a great mom.nnWe all know eating well is so important and that we will be much happier and healthier if we make better dietary choices. Unfortunately, we all have that “busy” thing in common and it often gets in the way. So, Chef Janet Zappala, certified nutritional consultant and author of My Italian Kitchen: Home-Style Recipes Made Lighter and Healthier, joins us to give you her tips and tricks to get your eating habits in gear.nnBy starting simple and picking a few things to start with, you’ll feel the change without the hassle.nnJanet Zappala
>>> welcome. kidsnly care about getting new lunch boxes. parents are more concerned about what’s inside the lunch box. to help busy parents get their child’s diet in order is janet zappala. welcome to the show. >> hello, tiffany. thank you for inviting me. you know it is about good nutrition headed to the fall months and it gets busy going back to school and making sure everyone is energyized eating healthy foods and i have been working with companies and i have been getting in a healthy eating routine. >> it is. >> we hear from nutritionists and people who coach us that breakfast is the most important. so many moms on the go and getting kids out of the house and say i don’t have time plan meals and breakfast and how do i get the nutrition in the morning. >> it is about lack of time. nobody has enough of it and you want something quick, nutritious and delicious. >> carnation instant brea



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