Fried Seafood Combination

We’re cooking a Fried Seafood Combination with Blount Clam Shack from Warren.
right now we’re going into the kitchen. lily, what’s looking today? >> i’m already heating, i don’t, think that’s a huge surprise, i’m here with blom unt. what was really interesting is blount is really synonymous with seafood in rhode r island. wouldn’t you say that? >> certainly. ly>> you guys have some great classic things thatas you make that rhode islanders just l jove and as a matter of fact, whenever i have visitors, they love it too. tell me about what we’ret making today? >> we’re going to make a fried seafood combo, whichhi is haddock, whole belly clams. >> that is critical, isn’t it? >> that’s the best you can have. shrimp and scallops from new bedford. >> very nice. and you said the haddock. >> right. >> what will whae do to startta this. i assume there’s going theo be aoi a batter process. >> we dry batter them to start and then into a wet batter with some of the items and t



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