Fried Oatmeal

apple pecan fried oatmeal
products. >> really great stuff. have you tried nueske’s bacon. i haven’t. i need to. >> i’m in the kitchen with a gal who makes good breakfasts for years and years. anybody who has been to lakewood. >> i think so. jill timber line. how long have yohad it? >> in our family, 27 years. i have been there half my life. >> she knows a thing or 2 about breakfast. jill is a facebook friend. she facebooked me about this recipe. fried oatmeal. i’m like oh, yeah. got to make that. >> my other cook, ruth and i, are always troubleshooting. ruth said my grandmother, laura, from norway, originally, family, made this. i said i’ll try it. we started playing around with it. this is what we came up with. >> very fun. you’re always doing a fun, different special. >> daily breakfast specials. >> love it. let’s get the oatmeal going. we have boiling water. >> 5 cultures of boiling watt — cups of boiling wat



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