Fried Ice Cream Burger A Hit At Fair

Last year it was the Krispy Kreme burger, two years ago the fried oreo was a hit.
?? >> good thursday morning to you. can you feel the excitement? that should help you get in the spirit. it’s opening day at the florida state fair. a little rain if you’re planning to go out. grab the umbrella but stephanie said the weekend looks great. we’ll check in with her in a few minutes. >>> it’s finally here. the lights are bright, rides are ready and food is prepped. add in adorable animals and adds up to the 107th florida state fair. ellen mcnamara is live this morning. i heard you found something mouth-watering and interesting at the same time. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely you said it right. you know this morning i showed you baby goats and elvis impersonators. when you cover the fair, you have to talk about the food. i want to bring in denis reese with carousel food. he has another concoction that you guys have dreamed up. you said it, that krispy kreme burger that may be i



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