Fried Cod And German Potato Salad

Fried CodnnThree 3oz pieces of codnnPanko Bread Crumbs – 2 cupsnnFlour – 2 cupsnnLemon pepper seasoning -2 TBSnnLiquid egg – 2 cupsnnLemon Juice – 1 TBSnnProcedure: Mix together bread crumbs and 1 cup flour and add lemon pepper seasoning. Mix well. Mix liquid egg and lemon juice. Flour the cod in remaining cup of flour and then dredge in egg wash. Bread cod in panko breading mix and deep fry for approximately 5 minutes or until internal temp reaches 160 degrees.nnGerman Potato SaladnnRed Potatoes – 3lbsnnDiced bacon – 1 lbnnyellow onion – 2nnsugar – 1qtnnapple cider vinegar – 1 cupnnbeef base 5oznncornstarch 1/2 lb and equal parts water for slurrynnProcedure: slice potatoes, boil potatoes until tender. Render bacon in sauce pan. Once bacon is cooked, add onions and cook until soft. Add your sugar, vinegar and beef base. Allow to cook until sugar is dissolved and the mixture comes to a boil. Add your slurry (mix water and cornstarch well then add to product to thicken). Gently fold potatoes into mixture. Garnish with scallions.nnThe Machine Shed Website
>> welcome back to the morning blend. we’re cooking with the machine shed this morning. the lent season starts in 2 weeks. for many families, that means up with coming up with different ways to serve fish. >> that don’t have the word oh. fillet in it. here is chef joel christy from the machine shed. >> good morning. >> we’re not just making fish. we’re doing a german potato salad with potato pancakes. i bet you search a lot of fish on friday nights. >> yes, we do, and coming up with lent coming we’ be serving a lot of fish. >> why did you pick cod? >> that’s the cod we use at our restaurant friday nights. >> it’s a very mild fish. >> yes. yes. we do beer battered and baked. >> so tell us what you’re doing there. >> this is just flour, salt and pepper. you put it in with liquid egg and lemon juice. we have panko bread crumbs, more flour and lemon pepper seasoning. >> yum. >> that does loo



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