Friday Morning Hangover

Wine Cheaper in New Zealand and Australia (Bloomberg News)
it is friday. australian wine producers are whoozy things to a party given by their next-door neighbor. zahra burton has more. > australian wineries are feeling the attention. prices falling because of — competition from new zealand producers. the orange line and the white line, these rivers and new zealand wine production and sales. both have steadily risen. production of new zealand wine has outstripped demand by some 7 million liters. that has affected the australian wine prices. that is the blue line. prices have actually fallen, nearly 8% since 2003. as new zealand wine production has ramped up 27%. this is according to citigroup. new zealand wine is also cheaper, further eroding the value of australian wine. a partner calls it a negative impact of $10 and under aussie wine. much of the bulk wine has turned aspiring find one refers to brand australia. australian wine prices will st



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