Friday Is National Pie Day

Jennifer Conklin of Christy Mae’s talks about National Pie Day.
is the number one pie at christy mae’s? how many do you sell each year? how long have pies been around? first pies were meat pies most often. crust was often referred to as coffin. changed to crust during american revolution. fruit pies in the 1500’s 1 in 4 americans prefer apple. followed by pumpkin or sweet potatoe and then chocolate, lemon meringue and cherry. 2x as many ppl like their pie unadorned. pie has been around since the ancient egyptians. the first pies were made by early romans who may have learned about it through the greeks. these pies were sometimes made in ‘reeds’ which were used for the sole purpose of holding the filling and not for eating with the filling. the romanthe oxford english word in the 14tromans and was heese and honmeat pies. pyes oappeared in englancrust of thas ‘coffyn’. ther more crust than filand the legs were the side of where probablfirst mad ameriea



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