Fricasse De Frango

Fricasse de Frango
is our facebook fan page. leave your comments there. we will read your feedback on the air. >> we’re in the kitchen making chicken fricassee. >> really impressive. >> i will have problem with the spirit a squash supply. we also predict a squash soup fle. let’s talk about the ingredients. >> this is a recipe near and dear to my heart. it is from my grandmother. chicken, we have tomato, garlic, cilantro, and the squash. we will do a souffle. the chicken is season with salt, garlic, cilantro. i brought a pressure cooker. we are pressed for time. >> like many families are. for folks at home, the pressure cooker is a little intimidating. i would stay away from it. >> i also find it intimidating. i think we should get started. we are pressed for time. you can drizzle the olive oil. >> how much? >> just drizzle prospect couple of turns around. i can do that. — just drizzle a couple of turns ar



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