Fresh Scones

Fresh scones
making a scone today that’s definitely an american version. i’ve aded peanut butter to the butter that’s typically aded to the dry ingredients. this happens to have whole wheat and regular flour, so you’re getting a little extra whole grain. you take the butter and peanut butter and cut it into the dry ingredients. this gives you little pockets of butter and peanut butter that then bake. in the end, that results in a more tender, biscuit-like scone. you’re getting a consistency that’s kind of like when you make high crust, a coarse mixture that has litle pieces of butter and peanut butter. next i make a we wil we will in –well in the dry ingredients. i pour the vanilla and eg into the center and stir it together. and next i will stir in these three ingredients that ad a really nice texture and flavor to the mixture. so the peanuts. here’s wheat germ. you’re getting a lot of whole grain



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