Fresh Salmon With Thai Chili Butter

Fresh Salmon with Thai Chili Butter
. >> welcome back to “good things utah”. chef brett is in the kitchen from ruth’s chris, he is showing you how to make his salmon. i was telling him, i love his presentation because it always looks so pretty. what did you say. >> if it looks good it will taste better. >> it does, it’s the first thing that you are experiencing about the meal because he already has the little roasted vegetables set aside here. that’s the finished product. the salmon is sitting on the vegetables. what did you do to make the vegetables. >> i had to roast the vegetables, it takes five minutes in the oven. i cut up yams, onions, broccoli, and carrot. >> you did it really little. >> very fine diced. put it on a sheet pan. we put basil, oregano, and thyme and roasted it for five minutes. >> yum. >> that’s how we prep it. >> it has a little tiny crisp to it. they are not overdone. >> and with the roasted glaifers



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