Fresh Pasta Dishes

Fresh pasta dishes
>>> but first if there’s one thing we could eat for the rest of our lives without blowing up like a balloon, most of us would go to pasta. jennifer iseloh is here, aka the skinny chef, with some pasta secrets. >> everyone loves pasta, but eating pasta al the time can get a little old. >> yes. >> so when you make it fresh and interesting, you can enjoy your meals more but have it — it’s healthier as wel. >> one of your secrets when it comes to making paws taste – pasta is to go with whole grain. >> i hi have some ken wa pasta here, and these are al tender and delicious. the fiber can keep your blood sugar sugar more level and keep those midnight munch chis away. >> whole grain, whole wheat different? >> whole grain is just a classification. whole wheat is under that. oats, things like quinoa and brown rice. you’re geting tons of fiber and minerals to boot. what’s great about the fiber is



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