Fresh Mexican Cuisines Splashed With Latin Art

La Condesa Gourmet Taco Shops bring the fresh tastes of Cancun to your table
the living tab and click under food. >>> from the beaches to the mountains, mexico has many different cuisines that are fresh and colorful. you don’t have to leave the valley to experience these flavors. to journalist jerry garcia tells us where the family recipes are mixed with latin art. >> what makes us so unique is we have the recipe it’s a combination of my white family and my family. i’m from guadalajara. my family comes from mexico city. ? [music] ? the show to the people of arizona what are the fresh flavors of the mexican cuisine. everybody hears mexican food and think greasy and not healthy. what we show on our menu is food that is vegetables, healthy with olive oil. this is like a veggie taco. it’s toasted cheese, mushroom, pub ano pepper, onions, spinach and fresh garlic grilled with olive oil. all of them are served with next can sour cream and gore deet that. gordita. rub i



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