Fresh Market Citrus-Glazed Chicken Leg Quarters

Meat and fruit might not sound like a good combination–but in this dish they are great!
. >> angel squeezing honey into the orange juice. we have two food groups in one. talking meat, talking fruit. and we are talking citrus chicken. >> i know. and this is so good. these chicken leg quarters this week are 79 cents a pound. family pack at fresh market, so i really want today highlight that this morning. how yummy is that? >> i would never have thought to put this together. it’s wonderful. it kind of coats the outside of the chicken and putting the sauce on it. >> right. what we have to do first is, we have to mix kind of like a a marinade. what we have here is some sure saving orange juice. this is two for $7. so that’s really a good deal there. we have got some soy sauce. >> do you love honey? >> i love honey. i have some neighbors that have some bees and they have their own honey, they dropped some buy for christmas. >> how nice is that? i love that, fresh honey. now we ha



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