Fresh Market Beef Tenderloin

Angel Shannon shows us a recipe for a delicious beef tenderloin.
welcome to “good things utah.” you don’t have the wrong channel. a few people are off today. here i am in the kitchen. a lot of people with holidays for christmas cook a ham. >> right. >> maybe a turkey. >> but this…this is good. beef tenderloin with bacon. >> yes. >> will you show us thousand make it. >> can i sit and eat while you tell everyone at home. >> look through that tv and camera and i will help you. oh, my gosh. it is so good. >>> 6.99 a pound beef tenderloin at fresh market. >> how many pounds is that. >> two pounds. >> it is pretty. >> it is beautiful piece of meat. >> poke a bunch of holes in this, an inch or so thick. we will stick garlic in it. hello. >> there’s no beans in here. >> oh! >> yes. >> wow. >> i am in the kitchen with a psycho. that’s enough. >> okay. >> i was just getting into it, though. >> i know. >> look at this. >> insert the garlic. >> yes. >> insert t



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