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GI&J Family Produce and Savin Rock Roasting Company.
stocking your personal kitchen, gi&j family produce supplies only the absolute best. welcome back.lc and from sanavin’ rock roasting rti company, gr eate to have you both. h we were talking earlier about fresh produce and really that is what you all aoure aboutre, right? >> this is specialty of gi&j.g fresh and quality. >> and when you say freshsh we’re talking from herbs to al kinds 6 specialty items, right?g >> yes. >> we have w baby brussel sproutsr and an cilantro and basil, freshilrh red peppers.. it iss veryry hard toh srometimeset me find places like yours that offer this stuffi. >> not wit h gi&j produce. >> he is a big fan. >> really big. >> this is a favorful dish. >> and this tis one of the plates we mentioned in the open, at ,the warehouse, can i actuaally gto there or do they sell wholesale. but it is open ito the publ ic. >> it is open to the p tublic, of course



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