Fresh Corn And Green Tomato Cakes

We’re cooking Fresh Corn and Green Tomato Cakes in the kitchen with Chef Twillia Glover from The Liberty Elm Diner.
whtat to say about iatt. >> speaking of beautiful people, the lovely elizabethli hopkinski is i in the kitchen today. >> we are cooking with liberty elm di ner, we’re cooking with the opener,pe carol, and also twillia glover, who is here today and tell us ate little bit about what we’oure make,re because iau see all these fresh ingredients here. >> we are making aa freshre corn and green tomato cakes. s.the corn — everything isyt local. the eggs are local asal well. and i’m going to prepare it two ways.wa one will be a versionsi of ben detective, and one will be an appetizer. it’s a very easy dish that you can make very quickly at homate. >> let me just tell you, benedict is my all time — benedict anything, i wouldin even e sit down with benedict arnold.t we have fresh corn as yournyo mentioned, green tomatoes, salt and pepper, sea salt as you can see on your screen. what is this butte



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