French Onion Soup: How To Make It From Scratch

Mary Martini from the Central Market Cooking School stopped by the Living Show to demonstrate how to make French Onion Soup. She walked us through all the steps — from slicing and dicing onions to making the soup base.
right, thanks, dave. we appreciate that. i’m ready for spring that is for sure. >> we are headed into the kitchen with mary martini. we decided before we share our morning recipe with you, we will give you a little bit of a skill that you can use when you are going to be making that recipe, so we are using onions. >> onions, so we might as well learn how to chop anion. if you learn the proper technique, it goes by really fast. i peeled and sliced and i want to make a number of vertical slices all the way through. >> okay. >> then we will do a couple of slices horizontally. >> okay. >> you can see that. all we have to do is slice down. we have a perfect dice. >> perfect. >> no problem. and this will help alleviate some of that crying. >> i’m not crying yet. >> sthat is a dice. >> now to julienne which i like to do a lot. when we make our french onion soup are we going to use the julienne.



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