French Cooking Made Easy

French cooking made easy
great ways to track it all down. >>> meanwhile, in today’s “better bites”, he’s one of the america’s best-known chefs, restaurant owners, and cok back authors, jacques pepin. today he’s in the kitchen with my girl, rhiannon, helping you get over your fear of french food. >> pepin is truly cooking royalty. his 27th cookbook, “more fast-food my way,” is all about quick, easy meals. >> it’s very simple. what i do — you know — in a commercial kitchen, you are someone who does all the prep, the prep food, and then everything is cut, ready for you to go. i use the supermarket as a prep cook. i can buy boneless, skinless breast of chicken, presliced, everything on the market. today we’re going to stuff this with a tampanade, a mixture of olive, capers, a bit of garlic, and i put a bit of sweetness with dried fruit. you put all of that in a fod processor and process it. a dash of olive oil wit



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