Free Tea Day

Today is Free Tea Day at McAlister’s Deli, as the Huntsville branch competes for the title of Tea Town U.S.A
then countryn withn an mcalister’sn delin isn competingn forn then titlen ofn tean townn u.s.a.n andn upn ton $15,000n forn an nonprofit.n then huntsvillen mcalister’sn delin hasn chosenn then arthritisn foundation’sn northn alabaman arean ton ben then beneficiaryn shn shouldn huntsvillen win.n storesn earnn pointsn throughn votesn eachn dayn online,n facebook,n orn byn participatingn inn then weeklyn challenges.n votingn isn easy!n forn an link..n goton waaytv.com,n clickn onn then morningn shown iconn aboutn halfwayn downn then pagen then pagen onn then left.n huntsvillen isn inn 18thn placen rightn now,n needingn 3,500n votesn ton getn inn then topn ten.n votingn wrapsn upn todayn .n then storen whon servesn then mostn tean getsn bonusn points!



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