Free Slurpees

7-Eleven is celebrating it’s birthday with you.
you need to keep that. >> that can keep the air conditioner from working effectively. >> i am good a there. >> i am afraid it will go out. >>> get a break from the heat by going to 7-11. >> it is 7-11 day. it is celebrating the birthday by giving them a free slurpee. and 7 ounce slurpee from eight this morning until 11. >> those are free. >> my daughter hears that. she will be begging me to go. >> it will cool us off. >> nothing boats the cola slurpee. and we will take the temperatures into the mild rank 80s. we are looking at the possibility of pulling in the clouds. in the second half of today. for right now. we are keeping things fairly quiet. then go partly cloudy this



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