Free Roethlisbergers!

Free Roethlisbergers!
see it all at the swamp shop downtown. a few years ago a pittsburgh restaurant named a hamburger ter the city’s star quarterback, findlay native ben roethlisberger. the roethlisberger is one of the most popular items on the menu.. and now the famed burger has made it’s way to wood county. joe rychnovsky is on the scene at wendy’s in rossford with more… there is an old saying that you can’t get anything for free…everythin has a price…but here at wendy’s in rossford, they have their own bailout plan…if you will… it’s lunchtime at wendy’s…today’s special…”we’re giving away a half pound double cheeseburger…” yes, giving them away…in honor of big ben…”the roethinberger..”the what burger…”the big ben roethenburger…you mean the roethlisberger…you mean the roethlisberger…”okay sure.. becky williams is the store’s owner…she figured since this local hero has such a fo



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