Free Meals

free meals
each year.es >>> >> you may have heard the old saying “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” well, now there is. julie krizen is ie here to show us with how children can receive free breakfast and lunch this summer. >> the y-w-c-a is offering the free meals to children… ..in the lafayette area all summer long on days when camp is in session but, all children, not just campers are welcome to enjoy the free meals. something, youth director kim sublett says is extremely important during these hard economic times. (17:25:20) >>kim subl ett: when money runs low, they cut back on, certain things and a lot of times it’s food. >>julie: and, that’s why kim sublett says free meals this summer will help out both lp children and families in the community. (17:24:18) cover >>kim sublett:there’s a lot of kids in t he area that don’t get three healthy goodal meals. (17:22:06) >>kim sublett: it’s a



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