Foxon Park Soda

Making floats with Foxon Park soda.
from cable. hey. at&t. your world. delivered. >>> summer is fast approaching, and what better way to take a break from the heat than an ice cream float. how god does that sound? or a cold sangria. here to show us how it is done, jay and isabella brancati. welcome guys. >> thank you for having us. >> isabella has been waiting for a long time to make an ice cream float. and your favorite orange, right? >> grape. >> a few minutes ago you told me orange. tastes change just like that. how old are you? three is that a three? are you ready to make one? >> yes. >> what is the trick? >> is there really a trick? >> no, not really a trick. a treat for the summertime that isabella really enjoys a i think a lot of kids will. you take any- >> you can pick these up anywhere. >> yes, anywhere. >> where do we fill it to? >> to the line. >> to the line. >> right there. perfect. put that in — other wa



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