FOX43 News At 7 – Oct. 16, 2009

FOX43 News at 7 – Oct. 16, 2009
update on the traffic– here’s what’s coming up in the you do it? there are so there are so many options out there == we’ll lok at some of the most popular choices.. and we want to know what works for you! then- taking a trip on the open road? make sure to get online before you get in the car! we’ve got all the websites you need to know to avoid traffic trouble! there’s a lot more news ahead- first, lets take a quick check on the forecast– meteorologist jon cash is in the super doppler ten weather center, jon? time now for ten time saver traffic with cheryl tan. god morning, cheryl. thanks jon… good morning, hampton roads. let’s check the jam cams now. alright, another wek has come and gone– now it’s time to figure out what to do this weekend! our face of fox, nick vitale joins us again to fill us in on what’s happening in hampton roads. the word of the day today is “options”. such a



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