FOX43 News At 7 – Nov. 3, 2009

FOX43 News at 7 – Nov. 3, 2009
going to go take a look at the weather and cheryl will have an update on the trafic- here’s what’s coming up in the next hour– mahi mah’s at the oceanfront is sharing their best dish with the fox 43 recipe box! the executive chef is going to show us how to make their award winning crabcakes! plus– we’re going to find out if our bright light here in the studio– kelly gaita- can hang some lights of her own! the norfolk botanical garden asked for my help setting up their garden of lights- there’s a lot more news ahead- first, lets take a quick check on the forecast- meteorologist jon cash is in the super doppler ten weather center, jon? time now for ten time saver traffic with cheryl tan. good morning, cheryl. thanks jon… good morning, hampton roads. let’s check the jam cams now. it’s election day in the commonwealth! today voters will choose who will takeover for governor tim kaine! d



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