Four Decades And Counting

Making the signature salsa, mastering his own meatloaf recipes, and making sure everything in the kitchen is clean and bright. That’s what Ronnie’s been doing at The Cottage Bar in Grand Rapids for more than four decades. This week, he’s celebrating his 60th birthday.
— they even made a special recipe for eightwest! interviews:dan verhil/owner, cottage baronnie bialk/42- year employee18 lagrave sedan tells us about ronnie…how they started working together…dan’s dad owned the cottage bar. dan was the evening dishwasher..ronnie was the afternoon shift dishwasherronnie was the first employee hired by dan’s dad…ronnie had just graduated from the lincoln school…and the principal was a frequent customer of the cottage bar…and asked about getting him a job there.ronnie turns 60-years old on friday! ronnie bialk turns 60 and celebrates 42 years at the cottagefor immediate release octobercontact: lisa verhil 616.481-9445grand rapids, mi- on friday november 6th ronnie bialk, 42 year employee of the cottage bar & restaurant will celebrate his 60th birthday. cake will be served at 4:00 on november 6th.ronnie has been counting down the days and toda



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