Four Basics For Every Freezer

Four basics for every freezer
quick, easy meals. >> thank you. >> healthy meals, fast. >> and i think with the new year, everybody wants to eat healthier and enjoy the foods they love. it could be a matter of stocking your fridge. i love to have some of these healthy staples on hand. they’re versatile, you can make hundreds of meals with them and they look and taste fresh because you make them at home. >> any time you go to jennifer’s web site, you’re hungry, you’re starving. everything looks so good. this is a sweet and sour chicken recipe. >> sweet and sour chicken. i made this with frozen veggies, they don’t lose their nutrition and they’re always on hand and i combine them with fresh things i have in my fridge. broccoli is one of my top picks. you are not losing any minerals or vitamins through freezing. >> this is way to make sure that everybody is getting vegetables. >> this is a quick and inexpensive way to do



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