Foster Care Respite Retreat

If you are in the hunt for a great rib dinner with a fantastic raffle, all for a great cause, then this segment from the Foster Care Respite Retreat is all for you.
>> it can a foster parent is a 24-7 job, and there’s a mon profit group that can give them a break. today we’re talking about foster care, and good to see all thre of you. let’s first start, i don’t know, cathy, perhaps with you, and can we adress the foster care neds in nebraska is it. >> in the state of nebraska, we have 6,500 foster children, and what happens is, we just don’t have enough foster homes for all of of the children, so the homes that we have, tend to get – sometimes, inundated with kids, and the way the whole non-profit started, was i was back in california, visiting my brother over the holidays, and sherry had thre of my children, and at that time you had six, and then she had my three, and i it missed my flight. and called sherry and said sherry, i is probably won’t be out tomorrow, i’m on stand by, and i don’t know if i’m going to get out and she was really really sick



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