Foods That Can Be Life-savers

Nutritionists say some foods can be life-savers.
(jay)it’s a basic approach to illness and diet. you have to eat right.even when it comes to fighting cancer, nutritionists say some foods can be life-savers.(jiaojiao) water cress, walnuts, avocado, guava juice and a lot of berries have been shown to help the body fight of sicknesses.black berries and black raspberries are especially effective because they are a very powerful anti- oxident.””the good thing about foods is that you can’t overdose on these foods. unfortunately sometimes when people extract one or two of the nutrients from the foods and add them as capsules or supplements sometimes we get an effect we’re not expecting.” experts say you should talk to your doctor and not start any food regimens on your own – especially if you’re dealing with something as serious as cancer. 3



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