Foods That Boost Athletic Performance

We all know that keeping up with those gym workouts often gives us an advantage in competition but did you know that eating the right foods can also give us an edge in performance? Our fitness expert Wes Cole tells us about performance enhancing foods.
also give us an edge in performance? with us this morning to s go over performance enhancing foods is our 2news fitness expert wes cole. foods that boost athletic performance protein carbohydrates supplements viewer questions questions from viewers: justin what’s a safe way to break into weight if you have a question that es you’d like wes to answerli… just go to the weekendto mornnding section of our web site… kjrh d ot com… and click on the habitclual health link. or you can call wes at 749-0960 or visit his gym on 46th just east of sheridan. now here’s a look at what’s



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