Food & Wine For New Year’s Eve

What’s on the menu for the last day of 2010? Fabulous food and wine from D&W Fresh Market brings into 2011!
it’s decided!… i was kicking around going out for a big night on the town for new year’s eve, or having some good friends over to my house… and it looks like i’m playing hostess! oooh, that’s always fun!… but it can be a lot of work too… what’s on the menu? menu?i’m not sure yet… but i have a lot of ideas… and thanks to our friends at d&w fresh market, i don’t have to do all the work! work!-fabulous food and wine for new year’s eve-great ideas to -cherie ludwiczak/deli fresh market-petit croissants and rolled lavash-spend more time the wk to d&w fresh marketcrackers and assorted meats -roz mayberry/wine fresh market-bodega elena fresh market-delicious specialty cheese-add crackers, nuts -select wine with fruity notes to -order your shrimp and fruit trays ahead of timecava as a fun alternative-check out the holiday guide! the holiday guide can be found in the holiday g



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