Food Truck Rally

Food Truck Rally
protest signs. it was the first ever bluegrass food blast…an event to encourage the city to allow mobile vendors to sell food downtown on a regular basis. those on the selling side say there’s no reason why big cities should have all the food truck fun…lexington should have a chance to get it on it too…and traditional restaurants shouldn’t have anything to worry about. there’s a niche that we can cover that’s not being covered. I think that’s a fair way of saying it, so people doing window shopping, walking downtown, coming downtown for the farmer’s market. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left Rupp Arena after an event and people just get in their cars and go home because there’s not a lot down here for them you can check out the event tomorrow at the corner of main street and midland avenue from ten a-m to nine p-m. ### food trucks-vo-2 food



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