Food That Improves Your Sex Life

Food that improves your sex life
mac and a few other things as well. >>> we have heard about things for your mind and your body, but what about yoir sex life? whitney casey, author of the man plan, shows us some tasty aphrodisiacs. >> i’m whitney casey, “better”‘s relationship expert and author of the man plan. we’re talking afro deese yaks. i like to call it food for frolicking. joining us is cindy aprofessional chef. you have to make a distinction between food for frolicking and food that will send you to the loo. >> we’re going to get racy. that’s the good point. you have tose these products in moderation. you can’t go crazy thinking it’s going to turn you on or turn on your mate for the night. first we’re going to talk about liquor. champagne, all that jazz. when you have liquor your inhibitions fall a little bit. >> that’s n really an aphrodisiac. >> you gain confidence at the same time, so it does turn you on a li



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