Food Swap

Want to save time in the kitchen this holiday season? Try a supper swap.
what about a meal swap. how it works. >>> >>> they could be a real time saver especially around the holidays. you get to spend time with friends. >>> the main focus is food and a lot of it. >>> a variety of good food from other people. >>> each person brings multiple portions of a dish. you go home with a lot of new meals. >>> soups, casseles. >>> you get to try all of these foods. you might not have been supposed to otherwise. >>> cook a large quantity of food all at all. at least it’s only one day at the stove. buying in bulk helps you save money. >>> you can ask your friends or go on line. >>> you need to set guide lines. how much. what kinds of food. how often you want to meet. >>> we can plan, shop the sales. and really get good deals that have the time to take and prepare good meals. >>> participants call the meals life savers. >>> it’s helping me get inspiration and ideas for my o



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