Food Stamp Users Must Take Drug Tests

Governor elect is supporting a new rule to drug test welfare recipients to make sure that illegal habits aren’t being supported.
from someunusual supporters. >> reporter: he said he would gladly take a a food stamps. he thinks everybody should be drug tested. >> i have a pet peeve of people’s priorities when it cos to cigarettes first, alcohol and drugs before food. they have a problem. >> reporter: apparently governor elect rick scott agrees. in a speech scott says we should drug test welfare recipients to make sure we aren’t inadvertently subsidizing addictions. several people we talk to who get assistance from department of families agree with scott. >> i think it is a great idea. i think if people are getting public assistance they shouldn’t abuse the system. there are 130,000 people in pinellas and 115,000 in polk county. >> a lot of them are elderly and a lot are children. >> reporter: if a parent tests positive for drugs you can hardly deny them food stamps. >> you can’t punish the kids. the parent uses dru



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