Food Spoils Fast Outside, Unprotected

Food spoils fast outside, unprotected
mix cookouts go hand and hand. when you mix food with the heat and humidity of summer, an unseen risk is there. “i’ve always been one of those people who kind of tried to make sure that stuff was taken care of. just cause i don’t wanna get sick myself but when i had kids it just kind of amplified everything.” sarah james, a dietitian from regional hospital says if food is not cooked hot enough, or cooled enough, bacteria is prone to grow. especially if the food is unprotected outside…it is good for only an hour. and “another reason” to protect food: “if we leave it unattended who knows what’s gonna land on it you know between the birds and the dogs.” the causes of food spoilage are light, oxygen, heat, humidity, and animals or bugs. which are all found during the summer months. if the food has been outside for more than a half hour, check it. “there are certain ways to tell if the food



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