Food Spending

Food spending
their own lspantries…and buying generic brands. 3″new at noon” meredith land takes a look at how people are tightening their belts. belts.ni 3emily gary has cut her grocery bill in half. half.llemily gary, shopper: certainly a lot on meat and anything onwe can do that’s really healthy outof our pantry, we hyare, we are using up everything in the refrigerator andthe freezer, really utilizing what we’ve got.she’s in the majority. in the last quarter of 2008, food spendingdropped 3.7 percent from the third quarter. the sharpest decline in 62years, according to the commerce departments bureau of economic analysis.”yes, that level of decline is fairly surprising.” daniel howard, a marketing professor at southern methodist university says ngpr shoppers have changed their mindset. mindset.daniel howard, smu marketing professor: “we know that people have not stopped eating and we know that the



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